The Oppo A15 Makes an Impression


The OPPO A15 was introduced in the market by Nokia earlier this year. This device has been equipped with various advanced features that are really great for the consumers who intend to buy it. These features are the reasons as to why the device is considered as one of the top choices of people who like to use their smartphone on a daily basis. But before any of these amazing features could be enjoyed, one must know how to avail them. Here are some of the useful tips that you can use in order to avail the OPPO A15 and enjoy its amazing features.

First, the OPPO A15 has a single camera with a 16.2 MP resolution on the rear. This single camera has an optical zoom as well as digital zoom so you can get the best results when taking pictures. The OPPO A15 also offers a Dual Shot Auto Focus which means that this smartphone’s built-in auto focusing system can allow you to take multiple shots automatically. You just have to touch the screen and you will have as many number of shots as you want.

Second, the OPPO A15 has a single earphone jack and a microphone with a noise reduction feature. This is great especially for individuals who love to listen to music or take videos while they are outdoors. The OPPO A15 also has a single speaker inside which is quite powerful. You can clearly hear your call whether you are near or far. For added convenience, the handset also includes a notification LED which can help you to know when your email has been delivered to your mobile phone.

Third, the OPPO A15 comes with two memory cards that support USB and Blue tooth connectivity. These two memory cards have fast data transfers so you can easily transfer photos or videos that you have taken in just an instant. With this kind of high capacity memory card, you will never run out of space even when you have a huge number of pictures to transfer. The OPPO A15’s 2mp macro lens makes every image visible even at large distances. This is a great feature for someone who likes outdoor activities or those who like taking pictures of outdoor locations. With a 2mp main lens, you can get stunning images even if you are at a relatively great distance from the subject.

Fourth, the OPPO A15 mobile phone has a powerful MT6765 processor. This is one of the most advanced mobile processors available today. It is made up of an ARM processor and a PowerEDS semiconductor. The PowerEDS semiconductor has four times the power of the previous generation of Power Solutions. This enables the OPPO A15 mobile device to run extremely fast and at a great rate even on the most sophisticated mobile phones. The MT6765 is also capable of running various types of programs and software applications.

These are some of the most impressive features of the OPPO A15 mobile phone. If you are looking for a good smartphone with a lot of features, then this is an excellent choice. It comes with a very competitive price point, and has many features that make it stand out amongst other smartphones on the market.

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